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Season 9 rewatch: poll results

The results of the season 8 rewatch poll are now in. Including the first and last episodes, the schedule is as follows:

* Avalon pts 1&2 - 18 March - press play at these times.
* The Ties That Bind - 1 April - press play at these times.
* Ripple Effect - 3 June - press play at these times.
* Off The Grid - 24 June - press play at these times.
* Arthur's Mantle - 15 July - press play at these times.
* Camelot - 30 July - press play at these times.

Setup is the same as last time:

It'll take place on Friday evening/night/Saturday morning (depending on your location). For the TIME TO PRESS PLAY, please click the links above. It's always 01:15 UK time, but is obviously different for other timezones. I open the chatroom an hour beforehand.

I usually host them, and my AIM name is RedialPepp. If you want to join in the chats, please leave your AIM name at a comment to this post (comments are screened), or add me as a friend. I'll ping you an invite to the chatroom when I see you've logged in. If I don't appear to have seen you, feel free to nudge me – I do get distracted!

If you've signed up before, you don't need to sign up again. Feel free to ignore the chatroom invite if you're not up for joining in sometime - I'll ping it to you a couple of times, in case it didn't work first time, and then leave you alone. If at any point you want to stop being invited to the chats, just leave a comment here and I'll remove you from the list.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, post them here, or email the mods on Thank you all so much for voting!
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