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Fanworks Post guidelines

So, the recap of this week’s episode has been posted, and now the post for fanworks applicable to that episode has gone up, too. You’re eager to start posting recs and links, and we’re eager to see what you’ve got for us! But before you begin, please take a moment to look through these guidelines:

  1. We welcome links to all kinds of fanworks: reviews, meta, fanfic, icons, graphics, wallpapers, music vids, general squee, and so forth. You may link to multiple fanworks in multiple comments or comment on them all at once, whichever you prefer.
  1. Everyone is strongly encouraged to not only rec their favorite fanworks, but to promote their own. Please don’t hesitate to link to your own creations! We want these listings to be as comprehensive as possible. We do ask that you promote only fanworks, not published works.
  1. Fanworks can be old and treasured classics, personal favorites, or shiny new creations. Link to an elaborate novel; dash off a drabble or two right after you’ve redialed the Gate with us; raid your bookmarks or page; point us towards a brand new music vid. As long as it’s about the current episode, we want to see it linked here.
  1. Since we expect a cheerful mishmash of recs and self-linking, we ask that all links be clearly labeled with title and creator. Let’s make sure that credit is given where it’s due! A brief description of the fanwork is helpful, but not required.
  1. While the mods do not intend to police or censor any of the recs and links, we ask posters to be courteous and recognize that we have community members of all stripes and flavors here. Please link to higher-rated content instead of posting it directly to the comm, and make sure that minimal warnings and labels are included with your link: specify if a fic is gen/het/slash, add a rating and warning if the subject matter is likely to make the reader/viewer uneasy, and specify if the fanwork is not worksafe. We hope that posters will use common (or uncommon) sense and that there will not be any clashes; but if problems do arise, we urge you to inform one of the mods and let us handle the matter. The mods' decisions will be final.
  1. Larger fanworks should be linked, not pasted directly into the comments. Drabble-sized fics and an icon or two are permitted, but anything else should be described/summarized and linked. Let’s keep the comments relatively easy to read, so that all the community members can find what what they’re looking for.
  1. There is no obligation to check that your link hasn’t already been posted, and we won’t send you to Hadante if you do include a link to a previously recced fanwork. But a quick look through previous comments to avoid redundancies will make it easier for readers. You are welcome, of course, to endorse a previous rec/link by replying to the original comment and adding your own thumbs-up.
  1. Fanworks posts are permanently open; feel free to go back to a previously-redialed episode to add a new link if you’d like! Older posts should be relatively easy to track through the tags and the memories.
  1. If a fanwork is related to more than one episode - Singularity and Rite of Passage, for example, or Tin Man and Double Jeopardy - feel free to add a link to any episode post where it is applicable. 
  1. The mods do not bear any responsibility for the quality or content of any linked fan creations. While we’re delighted to offer a one-stop resource for episode-related fanworks, click on the links on your own recognizance.

Questions? Suggestions? Comment here and let us know!
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