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Come for the floppy hair, stay for the replicators.

Stargate SG-1 Episode Rewatch
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Did you fall through the stargate back when Jack O'Neill was played by Kurt Russell with a bad haircut and no sense of humor and Daniel Jackson hadn't yet died even once? Did you start watching back when Daniel still had floppy hair or Teal'c still carried Junior? Did you know Sam before she blew up a sun? Do you remember when the replicators only looked like legos? Did you join during the Jonas year? Did you first meet Daniel after he descended? Did you not know Jack before he became a general? Did you start watching when Cameron Mitchell and Vala Mal Doran showed up?

However and whenever you first discovered the wonders of the 'gate, come join fellow fans and re-watch the show. Even though we might have started at different times, we can come together now and enjoy it again from the very beginning. Help make 'gate-love truly unending!

We started in July 2007 with the movie and watch an episode a week. Come for the discussion, stay for the squee. Undomesticated equines could not tear us away.

Curious? Questions? Check out our FAQ and if you're feeling ambitious, sign up at the Season Ten Volunteer Post. Feel free to write to us at redial.mods @ gmail.com if you have any questions or comments.

Also, for you X-Philes out there, check out our affiliate trustno1_redux for their own rewatch of Scully and Mulder's adventures! (You can pick out the Stargate actor cameos! ;-) )