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Season Ten Volunteer Post

To steal a bit from Star Trek, who stole it from elsewhere, all good things must come to an end. And so we begin the last season of Stargate SG-1 and the last round of redial_the_gate. Here we have the roller coaster of season 10 - team members disappearing and missing and transformed and in spite of enormous hurdles, including an actual dragon, managing to re-find each other again and again. Oh, and there might be some pasty-faced bad guys.

Redial is taking a bit of a breather through August and we'll get going with season ten the first week of September (so tune in September 2 for the redial chat of "Flesh and Blood").

You guys know the drill, but just in case:

--first come, first served
--one recap per customer
--as many metas as you like
--make sure we have a contact email for you

Volunteering for recaps are open until they're all taken. You can sign up to write meta any time from now until that episode's week has passed -- i.e., if you get inspired by someone's recap, you can sign up then and there to write meta, so long as you can post it before the next recap goes up.

What are recaps and meta posts?

1) Recaps -- these are the main episode posts. They recap the episode, summarizing the highlights to initiate discussion. They can be as short or as long as you like (although no longer than one LJ post), creative or straight-forward. Have a look at some of the previous entries if you want some inspiration. Recaps must be gen.

Recaps need to be posted by you on or before the MONDAY of the episode week. Feel free to submit it days or weeks or advance -- we'll keep it quietly waiting in the queue until the right time! It'll be checked by a mod for lj cuts and the like, and will appear on the Tuesday (dates listed below).

If you want to volunteer for an episode, comment below and let us know which one. If you're the first one to ask for an episode, then it's yours.

2) Meta posts -- unlike the recaps, these posts are based on analysis and opinion. They can also be as serious or silly as you like. Relationships , technology, mythology, colour schemes--all are up for grabs. If you want to discuss the AU Sam finds herself trapped in or exactly what Daniel was planning when he became a prior, or how Teal'c got to be so incredibly awesome, here's the place.

We ask that you specify which episode you wish to meta, and give us a brief idea of the subject -- that way, others who might want to meta a different aspect of the same episode will know what's available.

Like the recaps, meta can be submitted at any time and held in the queue until the week of the episode. The meta will then be posted a day or so after the recap and fanworks posts go up. If more than one person volunteers to do meta for the same episode, we'll stagger the meta to make sure they go up on different days -- that way, each meta post can be properly appreciated.


Once your recap or meta claim has been acknowledged, you'll be added to the list below. Remember to become a member of the community so you can post!

Before posting recaps or meta, please read the episode post guidelines. Even veteran recappers may want to glance through to make sure you're up to date on our requirements.

Episode list and dates:

10x1 - Flesh and Blood - September 6
recap - pepper_field

10x2 - Morpheus - September 13
recap - aurora_novarum

10x3 - The Pegasus Project - September 20
recap - macgyvergal

10x4 - Insiders - September 27
recap - lizardbeth_j

10x5 - Uninvited - October 4
recap -

10x6 - 200 - October 11
recap - grav_ity

10x7 - Counterstrike - October 18
recap -

10x8 - Momento Mori - October 25
recap - stringertheory

10x9 - Company of Thieves - November 1
recap - abyssinia4077

10x10 - The Quest Part 1 - November 8
recap - zorb

10x11 - The Quest Part 2 - November 15
recap - sg_fignewton
meta - quarryquest - Arthurian Myth in Season 9 and 10

10x12 - Line In The Sand - November 22
recap - holdouttrout

10x13 - The Road Not Taken - November 29
recap - beanpot

10x14 - The Shroud - December 6
recap - sg_wonderland

10x15 - Bounty - December 13
recap - ami_ven

10x16 - Bad Guys - December 20
recap - iamrosalita

10x17 - Talion - January 10
recap - pepper_field

10x18 - Family Ties - January 17
recap - natsuko1978

10x19 - Dominion - January 24
recap - alexcat

10x20 - Unending - January 31
recap - crazedturkey

Also, you have through the end of today to vote for which episodes to include in Redial International Chat!
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